13th Hospital Procurement Congress: Supply with Responsibility

The 13th Procurement Congress of Hospitals in Berlin on May 23rd and 24th gathered healthcare experts and professionals from all over Germany. Among the invited speakers was Ulrike Marczak, the CEO of Vanguard AG. She held a presentation regarding “Medical Remanufacturing – Legal framework, Economic Efficiency and Sustainability Effects”. In conversation with her were Dr. Christian Jäkel, specialist lawyer for medical law and physician, and Carsten Brunkow-Novotny, Cardiac Catheter Laboratory at Augusta Hospital Düsseldorf. Their common goal was to shed light on medical remanufacturing and discuss how it can change the healthcare system in the long term to make it more sustainable.

13th Hospital Procurement Congress: Supply with Responsibility

The thematic focus at this year’s Hospital Procurement Congress was on sustainability in healthcare. “Green procurement” becomes more and more relevant in hospitals daily life. Various expert forums were dedicated to the different facets of these efforts:

– Is “Green Procurement” cost efficient? How sustainability brings us long-term advantages

– Supply chain due diligence law and sustainable procurement in hospitals

– Trialogue sustainability in the healthcare sector – Is it a must?

A remarkable discussion took place at the expert forum Supply with Responsibility: Medical Remanufacturing – Legal Framework, Economic and Sustainability Effects.  Chaired by Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff, Director of the Center for Health Care Management and Regulation and Head of the Center for Hospital Management, the speakers discussed the legal, economic and sustainability aspects of medical remanufacturing.

The speakers included:

– Ulrike Marczak, CEO Vanguard AG

– Christian Jäkel, specialist lawyer for medical law and physician with his own law firm

– Carsten Brunkow-Novotny, Deputy head of the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory at at Augusta Hospital Düsseldorf

The discussion focused on ways in which procurement management can contribute to resource conservation, reduction of the carbon footprint and cost reduction. A clear conclusion emerged: secure green procurement management can reduce costs sustainably. In particular, medical remanufacturing, i.e. the special reprocessing of highly complex and expensive disposable products such as electrophysiology catheters, ultrasound scissors and other surgical items, promises considerable resource savings.

Vanguard AG has proven this over the last 25 years of accurate work.

If you are interested in the topic of medical remanufacturing, please contact us!

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