Multifunctionality and precision – remanufactured by Vanguard.

Our remanufactured ultrasonic shears of the HARMONIC series from Johnson & Johnson are available in two different lengths.

Sustainable, superior, low-cost technology

  • up to 25% savings compared to OEM products
  • products can be remanufactured twice
Vanguard Medical Remanufacturing of Harmonic instruments
Harmonic ultrasonic
Area Item Category Vanguard Art.-Nr. Designation Manufacturer Manufacturer Art.-Nr. Method
CHIR Ultraschallscheren Chirurgie 35058 Vanguard Ultrasonic Shear ETS+ Ethicon HAR23 CE
CHIR Ultraschallscheren Chirurgie 34958 Vanguard Ultrasonic Shear ETM+ Ethicon HAR36 CE
CHIR Ultraschallscheren Chirurgie 35033 VANGUARD Ultrasonic Shear ETS7 Ethicon HARH23 CE
CHIR Ultraschallscheren Chirurgie 35034 VANGUARD Ultrasonic Shear ETM7 Ethicon HARH36 CE

The terms and trademarks HARMONIC®, Harmonic ACE® are protected trademarks of the original manufacturer Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc.(Cincinnati, OH 45242-2839 USA, part of Johnson & Johnson N.V./S.A.) or an affiliated company.

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