The Association for Medical Remanufacturers

Established in 1997, AMDR (Association of Medical Device Reprocessors) is a global trade organization comprising members of the commercial single-use device remanufacturing industry. AMDR brings together key players in the medical remanufacturing sector, providing a platform to collaborate on addressing the challenges of the healthcare sector in the future.


AMDR’s goal is to ensure the high quality of medical remanufacturing processes. This approach is crucial for reducing resource consumption, CO2 emissions, hospital waste, and maintaining the highest level of patient care for future generations, even when budgets are constrained. AMDR works closely with medical facilities and healthcare sector partners to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of remanufacturing.

AMDR is committed to the regulation and professionalisation of medical remanufacturing worldwide. AMDR is dedicated to the global regulation and professionalization of medical remanufacturing by establishing quality requirements for remanufacturing processes and promoting the development and use of new technologies to guarantee the highest quality products. All AMDR members understand the importance of social responsibility, forming the basis for shared positions in political discourse and society. Vanguard has been an AMDR member since 2011.

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