High quality, sustainable product solutions

By developing patented proprietary cleaning and disinfection equipment, we have helped set global standards in medical remanufacturing. Our pioneering remanufacturing processes comply with all EU regulatory requirements.

Our challenge

Complex medical devices must meet the highest safety standards to protect patients and clinicians. Regulations for remanufacturing are continuously adapted to advances in state of the art practices. The new EU regulations demand the same quality standards for medical remanufacturers as they do for original equipment manufacturers. At the same time purchasing organisations are faced with the challenge of acquiring high-quality medical devices with limited budgets. Supply chains must remain robust under strain, for instance, during global pandemics.

Our mission

Using certified, state-of-the-art processes, we have set global standards for medical remanufacturing for the last 20 years. Our innovative remanufacturing processes are rooted in the concept of a circular economy. The used products of our customers are disassembled and undergo intensive cleaning, testing and multiple quality and safety controls. We do not rely on batch testing; 100% of our products are checked for safety and performance. In this way, we ensure that remanufactured medical devices are restored to “as new” functional and safety standards and fully comply with all EU regulatory requirements.

Our solution

Our remanufactured devices are restored to “as new” functional and safety standards. All our cleaning machines, workplaces and test stations have been developed by our Reasearch and Development team, jointly with scientific institutions. They are tailored to the remanufacturing of complex medical devices. Our Research and Development team are continuously working on new products and processes.

We operate independently from the original equipment manufacturers and enable our customers to reuse a wide variety of complex single-use medical devices.

What is medical remanufacturing?

Medical remanufacturing restores a used medical device “as new” functional and safety standards and enables a circular economy within the healthcare sector. It helps combat climate change while keeping costs low, all without compromising on safety or performance.