Heart Rhythm Congress 2022 – Birmingham

Discussion, debate, diversity, innovation and review - HRC, the word in education in arrhythmias.
23. August 2022
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Vanguard AG is a bronze sponsor of the Heart Rhythm Congress 2022 – HRC 2022

Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC) 2022 is dedicated to all healthcare professionals across all disciplines with an interest in arrhythmias. There is something for everyone from consultant electrophysiologists, fellows, trainees, clinical scientists, general cardiologists, nurses, physiologists to general practitioners, stroke physicians and policy makers. Whatever your role in the medical healthcare team, there are sessions at the Heart Rhythm Congress 2022 – HRC 2022 that meet your needs and improves your education.

This year’s edition will take place from 9th to 11th October 2022 at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham

You are invited to join our UK Team at stand B26.

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