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Medical Remanufacturing has enabled Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to fully participate in the circular economy for innovative medical devices.
13. October 2021
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Rethink. Remanufacture.

As the largest employer in the UK, the NHS plays an important role in climate action. To address the environmental challenges and their impact on public health the NHS has launched an action programme: ‘For a greener NHS’.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals has the aspiration to become one of the greenest NHS Trusts in the UK and has partnered with Vanguard since November 2019.

The introduction of a Medical Remanufacturing Programme at Leeds Teaching Hospitals took place in two steps.

In a first step Leeds Teaching Hospitals signed up for the Vanguard Medical Remanufacturing Collections Programme. The collection of used medical devices for medical remanufacturing made an immediate and significant contribution to Leeds Teaching Hospitals’ sustainability policy, reducing hospital waste and allowing the catheters to be returned to the product cycle.

The full contribution of Medical Remanufacturing towards Leeds Green Plan initiative kicked in, with the second step, when the physicians in Leeds Cath Labs began using Vanguard remanufactured EP Catheters. This has allowed the CO2 footprint for these devices to be reduced by 50% while at the same time achieving significant cost saving versus using a new device.

Nicola Hill & Lindsay Davison (Highly Specialist Cardiac Physiologists)

Nicola Hill & Lindsay Davison (Highly Specialist Cardiac Physiologists)

“Our experience within Leeds Teaching Hospitals Cath labs of collecting discarded catheters and then using the remanufactured devices has been a positive one… We would certainly recommend remanufacturing to any healthcare institution looking for ways to reduce costs and improve their environmental credentials.”

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