EHRA 2024: Congress of superlatives

Best EP meeting I have been to" and "the best congress in my 18-year Vanguard history so far," the euphoria about the EHRA Congress in Berlin. Our team noticed an increased interest and engaged in insightful discussions about legal barriers in the field of Medical Remanufacturing.
11. April 2024
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“Best EP meeting I have been to” and “the best congress in my 18-year Vanguard history so far,” Country Manager UK Paul Broadberry and International Business Development Manager Viola Vahle shared their enthusiasm about this year’s EHRA Congress in Berlin.

The European Heart Association conference attracts thousands of international guests to different locations every year. This year, as the German capital opened its doors for the event, it was a special occasion for us as a Berlin-based company. With eleven Vanguard employees, our own booth, and a presentation, we engaged with many professionals about Medical Remanufacturing. Our Product Manager Ugur Eren noticed a general increased interest in the topic. “At our booth, I spoke with doctors from Bulgaria, Israel, Germany, England, Spain, and an interested party from Finland. All of them supported Medical Remanufacturing and even expressed interest in expanding it to other areas of medicine,” he summarized. Our Regional Sales Manager from Bavaria, Philipp Kasbauer, shared this impression as well. He had many conversations with international customers and prospects from countries where the reprocessing of medical products is not yet legally allowed. The discussions about the hurdles in the current legislation were very enlightening – whereas Remanufacturing has been a proven practice in Germany for decades.

By being present at EHRA2024, we were able to further highlight the importance of Remanufacturing for the future.

We would like to thank all employees who made the EHRA so successful for us through their commitment!

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