Reducing waste in clinical procedures by Leeds Teaching Hospitals

We are proud about our partnership with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the UK, providing healthcare and specialist services for people from Leeds, the Yorkshire and Humber region and beyond. During our cooperation, they were able to reduce a considerable amount of waste, Co2 emissions and costs.
30. January 2023
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Reducing waste in clinical procedures by Leeds Teaching Hospitals

“To date, the implementation of the collection process and the use of the remanufactured equipment has been a great success.”

“The Trust is hoping to see an expansion in the use of other remanufactured devices to support a more sustainable working environment and reduce costs.”

As the Vanguard AG, we are so happy to share such an astonishing success story with you. It is a blessing to have you aboard and expand our partnership.

With the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust we were able to nearly remanufacture 700 harmonics ultrasonic scalpels. Having a 50:50 split of using original and remanufactured devices, they reduced their waste by 38 kg and saved 100 kg of CO2 Emission.

Those numbers are very worth sharing and taking them as a motivator to keep working on savings and reductions.

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