13th Hospital Procurement Congress: Supply with Responsibility

The 13th Procurement Congress of Hospitals in Berlin on May 23rd and 24th gathered healthcare experts and professionals from all over Germany. Among the invited speakers was Ulrike Marczak, the CEO of Vanguard AG. She held a presentation regarding “Medical Remanufacturing – Legal framework, Economic Efficiency and Sustainability Effects”. In conversation with her were Dr. Christian Jäkel, specialist lawyer for medical law and physician, and Carsten Brunkow-Novotny, Cardiac Catheter Laboratory at Augusta Hospital Düsseldorf. Their common goal was to shed light on medical remanufacturing and discuss how it can change the healthcare system in the long term to make it more sustainable.
31. May 2023
Frankreich, Remanufacturing, Rethink Remanufacturing

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