Sustainable practices pay off with Vanguard

The benefits of remanufacturing are increasingly accepted by OEMs too. We partner with medical device manufacturers to help them extend the lifecycle of their products.

Our expertise lies in the medical remanufacturing of devices used in electrophysiology, surgery and endoscopy. Here are some ways in which we have helped manufacturers in the past:

  • Designing processes for the remanufacture of biocompatible coated cardiac catheters and complete remanufacturing of catheters.
  • Remanufacturing of individual components of ultrasonic shears.
  • Remanufacturing of endoscopes

Vanguards medical remanufacturing solutions, tailored for OEMs  

Our Research and Development team will partner with you to develop a remanufacturing solution that is tailored to your needs. Through vigorous testing, we ensure the technical and biological safety of all our remanufactured products.

Vanguards customer references

We understand that references make it easier for potential customers to feel confident about the quality of our services. However, due to customer confidentiality, we cannot publish any information about our clients here. We are happy to provide you with detailed references on a confidential basis on request. All our customers receive the same confidential treatment.

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